Jameson has recently become pet friendly!


Jameson Country Cottagesnow offers pet owners the opportunity to enjoy their holiday with their lovable pets, the number and size and breed must be pre-arranged and agreed to.  We will only accept small to medium breeds, and no more than two dogs per cottage.

However, owing to our particular setup, which has its flaws, this invitation is extended only to owners with well behaved and controllable dogs and subject to the following conditions:

Terms and Conditions for Pets visiting Jameson Country Cottages

Please read carefully. 

  1. Only small to medium breeds are permitted at Jameson. 
  2. Owners must stay with their animals at all times, meaning you cannot go out at all without taking your dogs with you, as dogs in an unfamiliar environment  are likely to exhibit anxiety which will result in uncontrolled barking.  We are not “boarding kennels”.  There are at least 4 restaurants which are pet friendly in the area.  We will point these out to you.  
  3. All dogs will bark from time to time briefly at something or someone new, but the onus is upon the owner to approach their dogs and calm them down and stop the barking as soon as reasonably possible.  This is not the right place to bring “Yappers” who bark at everything that moves and nothing at all!  
  4.  Please take note that pet-friendly accommodation requires that your pets are well trained, have their own sleeping bags, blankets and toys, that they do not jump onto or chew furniture or sleep on beds/sofa’s and that they are "flea-free" N.B. You will be responsible for cleaning after your pets, picking up their waste and ensuring that the garden is left in the way that you have found it. We will exercise the right to hold you responsible for any damage caused by your pets.
  5. On arrival, guests are requested to keep their dogs in their cars while they check in.  *You will be shown to your cottage and once in your unit, your dogs are safe to run around.  (*This does not apply to people arriving late)
  6.  Jameson is fenced in, however we cannot be held responsible for possible injuries to dogs who are outside their boundaries. The property is very big and the fencing is around the perimeter of the property, not the actual cottages them selves. The fences are there to keep livestock out of the property, therefore your pets can get out of the property!
  7. We try to provide tranquil accommodation for all our guests and therefore dog owners who are unable to control their dogs and allow them to disturb other guests or owners who leave dogs unattended, will be requested to remove the dogs from the property. Should the owner decide to leave as well, there will be no refund for early departure.

  8. A deposit for your dog is payable with our key/security deposit, this will ensure that guests visiting Jameson with their beloved pets, will clean up after their dogs, if a dog has an “accident” in the cottage, they will be responsible for cleaning it up.
  9. Our staff are not responsible for cleaning up after your pets, you are.
  10.  Please note that our cottages are serviced daily, if you have pets who are aggressive, "snappy" or miss-behave around strangers, unfortunatley your dogs will not be welcome at Jameson. Our staff are there to look after you and your cottage, they will not be able to do so if your dog shows even the slightest aggression. Please make sure your dogs are sociable and friendly to all people and other other dogs. 
  11. We trust that all male dogs visiting Jameson are neutured 
  12. No more than two small dogs permitted to stay in our larger cottages (cottages 1, 2, 4 and 6)
  13. Cottages 3 and 5, only 1 small dog permitted.